Licensed and Insured • Application Period Is From January 26th to March 2nd • Landowner and Conservation Tags Available • Tags for Spike and Cow Hunts Are Guaranteed

Unforgettable Elk Hunting Trips

Are you a hunter that enjoys trailing spike, cow, and bull elk? If so, PRO's hunting trips are for you. Our professionals plan thrilling adventures for our clients in throughout Utah. We'll guide you in regions where you're almost assured the opportunity to shoot at a 6x6 bull on any hunting unit. Somebody is going to draw; we want it to be you.

Scoring More Points

Let us help you achieve your best Boone and Crockett (BC) score. When you attend one of our hunts, you'll be able to search for trophy class bulls. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is managing its elk herd, which is helping some hunting units produce bulls that score over 400 BC points.

By hunting with us, you can take home a bull that will give you a minimum total of 315 or 320 points. We want to assist you with boosting your score. Check out the types of 5-day hunts we plan below.

Elk Hunt Details

Hunts Outfitting Cost License Fee Application Fee Season Guaranteed Permit Price
Limited Entry Bull Elk $5,450 $580 $75 Mid September Required After the Permit Is Drawn
General Season Spike Elk $3,000 $388 $75 October 50% Deposit
General Season Cow Elk (Late Season) $2,200 $218 $75 October to January 50% Deposit
General Season Cow and Spike $4,000 $65 $75 October $393 (Spike) and $218 (Cow)
Late Season Cow Elk $2,200 $213 $75 December to January 50% Deposit

Hunt Combinations

Our hunting guides are open combining hunts for you. You can choose to hunt for mountain lions while searching for late season cow elk. This is the ultimate outdoor expedition for serious hunters.

*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date