Licensed and Insured • Application Period Is From January 26th to March 2nd • Landowner and Conservation Tags Available • Tags for Spike and Cow Hunts Are Guaranteed

Mountain Lion Hunting Trips

Enjoy a guided cougar hunting trip with outdoorsmen and women just like you. PRO organizes awesome outings to help you search for mountain lions. By following our professionals, you'll have a terrific time while navigating through the wilderness. Work with our team to plan an amazing hunt. We can assist any client looking to hunt in Utah.

Helping You Plan a 6-Day Hunting Trip

Finding cougars to add to your trophy wall has just gotten easier. With our assistance, you'll be able to go on a hunt to harvest a sizable mountain lion. Our experts will arrange a private trip for you, so you can explore different areas, including split hunting units.

While the hunting season for split units start around March 1st, the regular season is year-round. The best time to hunt during the regular season is from December 1st through May 1st. If you don't draw a permit, we recommend scheduling a hunting trip later in March or April.

Once you've determined when to go on your expedition, we'll help you choose the right transportation option. You can use snowmobiles, 4-wheel drive trucks, ATVs, or horses. Typically, the weather will dictate the riding method you'll use.

There are a few limited entry permits available for non-residents throughout the state. We here at Pines Ranch will be happy to submit your application for you.

Application Deadline

You will need to either drive or fly into Salt Lake City Airport and arrange transportation to the hunting location.

Hunt Pricing

Pay a reasonable price to go on a 6-day mountain lion hunt with our experts. The cost of the hunt is $5,000 with a 50% deposit and $75 license fee to book a trip. The license fee will make you eligible for any limited entry trips.

Additionally, we charge $258 for a permit that you can use to hunt in a few selected areas throughout the year, bringing the total to $5,333. These permits are obtained through a drawing, which is held in September. If all you need are limited entry tags, we have them available as well.

*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date