Licensed and Insured • Application Period Is From January 26th to March 2nd • Landowner and Conservation Tags Available • Tags for Spike and Cow Hunts Are Guaranteed

Trophy Hunting and Fishing Trips

There are many other hunting trips that we can plan for you. PRO organizes expeditions to search for all types of other animals, including bobcat, antelope, Desert Bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, bear, buffalo, and coyotes. We also offer summer fishing tours for clients in Utah.

If you're interested in attending one of our hunts, check out the details below. Our adventures are perfect for outdoorsmen and women who can use bow and arrows, muzzleloader rifles, and rods and reels.

Scott(picture top right) was lucky enough to draw out for the once-in-a-lifetime 6 day hunt for Desert Bighorn Sheep, and took this nice ram which scored 157 Boone & Crocket points. If you would like help in applying for your tag, and finding your trophy animal, please call.

Big Game Hunts

Hunt Price License Fee Season Application Deadline
Bobcat $3,000 or $500 Per Day (with $500 Kill Fee) $159 December to February Mid November
Trophy Antelope $3,500 $238 September End of January
Black Bear $4,000 $313 September to November End of January
Coyote $300 (Per Day) N/A Nonspecific Year-Round

"Once-in-a-Lifetime" Hunts

Hunt Price License Fee Season Application Deadline
Shiras Moose $6,000 $1,013 September to October March 2nd
Buffalo $6,000 $1,013 November to December March 2nd
Desert Bighorn Sheep $6,000 $1,013 September to November March 2nd
*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date