Licensed and Insured • Application Period Is From January 26th to March 2nd • Landowner and Conservation Tags Available • Tags for Spike and Cow Hunts Are Guaranteed

Permits and Terms

At PRO, one of our top priorities is to keep our clients up-to-date on our terms, pricing, and other important information. Find out about the hunting areas we use, obtaining a hunter safety card, and more below.

Hunting Areas

We hunt for different wild animals on private grounds. Our team is also licensed to hunt on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered lands. We carry the proper insurance required to hunt in these areas.

License and Permits

Our professionals will be happy to submit you for your non-resident applications, so you can apply for your hunting license and big game tags. If your birth date is after 1965, a hunter safety card is required to obtain a license.

For the serious elk or deer hunter, there are a few landowners and conservation tags for sale. We can guarantee you one of these permits, but the price is undetermined until the permit is sold.

Hunt Application Deadlines

Hunts Deadline
Mountain Lion Mid September
Bobcat November 1st
Bear February 1st
Big Game March 2nd
"Once-in-a-Lifetime" March 2nd

Important Notes

Please keep in mind a deposit isn't required until your permit is drawn. A few additional "landowner" permits are available upon request. The fees range from $5,000 to $15,000.

Financial Terms

All meals, lodging, and transportation on the hunt are included in the price of all our hunts. A 50% deposit is due upon booking of all hunts. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to your arrival. This may be paid in cash or by any of the following options - travelers check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to Pines Ranch Outfitters. All deposits are non-refundable.

Hunt Accommodations

Campsites with camp trailers or tents with cots are provided on all limited entry elk, deer, and once-in-a-lifetime hunts. You are required to make reservations at a motel for lion expeditions. You are free to use this option for all other hunts as well.


Our team is more than happy to provide you with a list of references. They are available upon your request.

*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date

Lion Hunt Pricing

Pay a reasonable price to go on a 6-day mountain lion hunt with our experts. The cost of the hunt is $5,000 with a 50% deposit and $75 license fee to book a trip. The license fee will make you eligible for any limited entry trips.

Additionally, we charge $258 for a permit that you can use to hunt in a few selected areas throughout the year, bringing the total to $5,333. These permits are obtained through a drawing, which is held in September. If all you need are limited entry tags, we have them available as well.

Elk Hunt Pricing

Hunts Outfitting Cost License Fee Application Fee Season Guaranteed Permit Price
Limited Entry Bull Elk $5,450 $580 $75 Mid September Required After the Permit Is Drawn
General Season Spike Elk $3,000 $388 $75 October 50% Deposit
General Season Cow Elk (Late Season) $2,200 $218 $75 October to January 50% Deposit
General Season Cow and Spike $4,000 $65 $75 October $393 (Spike) and $218 (Cow)
Late Season Cow Elk $2,200 $213 $75 December to January 50% Deposit

Mule Deer Hunt Pricing

Hunt Outfitting Cost Application Fee License Fee Season Weapons to Use Deadline
Limited Entry $5,450 $75 $568 August to October Archery, Rifle, or Muzzleloader March 2nd
General Season $3,000 $75 $263 August to October Archery, Rifle, or Muzzleloader March 2nd

Turkey Hunt Pricing

Pay a fair outfitting price to go on one of our 3-day turkey hunts. To attend a hunt, the cost is $1500 per person. You are also required to pay a license fee of $100. We are accepting reservations for trips that are planned for the turkey season, which is from April to May. For limited entry permits, the drawing deadline is December 27th for the first spring hunts.

Big Game Hunts

Hunt Price License Fee Season Application Deadline
Bobcat $3,000 or $500 Per Day (with $500 Kill Fee) $159 December to February Mid November
Trophy Antelope $3,500 $238 September End of January
Black Bear $4,000 $313 September to November End of January
Coyote $300 (Per Day) N/A Nonspecific Year-Round

"Once-in-a-Lifetime" Hunts

Hunt Price License Fee Season Application Deadline
Shiras Moose $6,000 $1,013 September to October March 2nd
Buffalo $6,000 $1,013 November to December March 2nd
Desert Bighorn Sheep $6,000 $1,013 September to November March 2nd
*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date