Licensed and Insured • Application Period Is From January 26th to March 2nd • Landowner and Conservation Tags Available • Tags for Spike and Cow Hunts Are Guaranteed

The turkey population is as great as it's ever been in the state. Book your hunt now!

Fun, 3-Day Turkey Hunts

Put your turkey hunting equipment to good use with the help of PRO. By going on one or more of our guided trips, you'll be able to hunt for large wild turkeys. You'll have a fantastic time hunting in The Great Outdoors with our professionals. We have several upcoming expeditions planned for men and women in Utah, to enjoy, so sign up for one today.

Reasonable Pricing

Pay a fair outfitting price to go on one of our 3-day turkey hunts. To attend a hunt, the cost is $1500 per person. You are also required to pay a license fee of $100. We are accepting reservations for trips that are planned for the turkey season, which is from April to May. For limited entry permits, the drawing deadline is December 27th for the first spring hunts.

*Final Payment Due 15 Days Prior to the Hunt Date